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The design department of LLC ”МТ SIMAG Rus” has developed documentation for the modern load-haul dumper (PDM-10).

This machine meets all global standards. In the nearest future it will be produced and given a trial run. All technical parameters of PDM-10 are given below.



The machinery is applied for loading and shifting of the rock mass in the underground digging not hazardous in terms of dust and gas.

1. Operational parameters of the load-haul dumper:

1.1. Self contained, diesel powered;

1.2. Ambient temperature in the range of +5ºС to +25ºС;

1.3. Rock mass shifting:

1.3.1. Density, t/m3 2,15-3,0

1.3.2. Maximum scope of the rock mass, mm to 500

1.4. Capacity indexes:

1.4.1. Lifting capacity, kg 10000

1.4.2. Bucket capacity, m3 4,0

1.4.3. Boom raise time, s 7,5

1.4.4. Bucket tilting time, s 2,2

1.4.5. Machine swing time for the complete angle, s 5

1.4.6. Wheel arrangement 4х4

1.4.7. Maximum speed, km/h 25

1.4.8. Gradeability, % (grade) 25 (15°)

1.5. Machine dimensional specification to shift in the mine opening:

1.5.1. Cab height, mm 2340

1.5.2. Height with the raised bucket (maximum), mm 4970

1.5.3. Length, mm 9670

1.5.4. Width along the bucket, mm 2600

1.5.5. Width along the cab, mm 2540

1.5.6. Turn radius: outside radius, mm 6620 inside radius, mm 3340

1.5.7. Clearance, mm 370

1.6. Operating mass, kg 27300

1.7. Laden weight, kg 37300

1.8. Load per axles:

1.8.1. Empty weight:

– front axle, kg 12200

– rear axle, kg 15100

1.8.2. Laden:

– front axle, kg 27900

– rear axle, kg 9400

1.9. Pull-out force when boom raise, kN/kg 186/19000

1.10. Pull-out force when bucket tilt-back, kN/kg 179/18200

1.11. Tilting load, kg 23600

1.12. Fuel tank volume, l 300

2. Propulsion unit and gearing system:

2.1. Four stroke cycle diesel motor with the air cooling DEUTZ F12L413FW, output 204 kW, with no electronic control system (fuel consumption rate 270 g/kV*h);

2.2. Capacity of the storage batteries, Аh 2х170

2.3. Purification system of the exhaust gases with the catalyst converter (stainless steel), with connections for the sample taking of the exhaust gases before and after the catalyst.

2.4. Air inlet system of the motor with filters of the oil bath;

2.5. Availability of the fine and the primary fuel filters.

2.6. Availability of the lamp signaling in the system of the motor control when operating temperature and pressure change.

2.7. DANA C8000 converter.

2.8. DANA speed change gearbox (with the electric gear actuation) R36000

2.8.1. Number of gears forward/ backward 4/4

2.9. Front /rear axle produced by Kessler&Co D101


3. Chassis:

3.1. The steel frame structure, motor and working parts are articulated. Articulated joint is performed with the tapered roller antifriction bearings, safely protected from the dust and humidity ingress;

3.2. The joint provides the folding angle of ±42º;

3.3. The tubeless tires for the severe operation conditions 18.00 – 25 L5S 28PR;

3.4. The possibility of installation of the tire protection chains on the front wheels;

3.5. Suspension of the front axle is hard, of the rear axle – balanced ±10º;

3.6. Connection joints of the stick and the bucket and the loading part are performed with the application of the liners (friction bearings). Articulated joints of the hydraulic cylinders with the spherical bearings applied.

3.7. The centralized lubrication system (except for the bucket swivels). From the panel manually.

3.8. To enable the repair and the preventive maintenance works the joint and the stick are blocked by means of the mechanical tools;

4. The hydraulic system:

4.1. Tank capacity of the operating hydraulic system, l 192

4.2. Oil filtration on the drain line;

4.3. Machine and bucket control by means of the hydraulic joysticks;

4.4. Surfaces of the connecting rods of the hydraulic cylinders covered with chrome;

5. Braking system:

5.1. The capacity of the cooling tank of the final drives, l 82

5.2. Service brakes for all wheels– multidisc in the oil bath with the forced cooling spring applied and hydraulically shutdown on each wheel.

5.3. The braking system provides the brake release of the machine when fired engine off by means of the hydraulic accumulator recharged by the hand pump;

5.4. Emergency parking brake of the type POSI-STOP functionally combined with the service brakes;

5.5. Deadlock of the change of the gearbox application when the parking brake on.

6. Electric system:

6.1. The electric equipment is constructed due to the normal mining standard protected against exposures IP69;

6.2. Working area lighting, not below 20 lux;

6.3. Clearance lamps, brake lights with the turn indicators;

6.4. Non-continuous acoustic alarm when moving in reverse;

6.5. Battery switch.

7. Cab:

7.1. Open cab with the protective visor certified acc. to ROPS/FOPS requirements.

7.2. Spring saddle.

7.3. Tilt and bucket control by means of the hydraulic joysticks. Gear shifting of the GEAR by buttons on the bucket control joystick.

7.4. Control board with the analogue instrumentation (hour meter, speed indicator, control members of the engine system, the transmission and the hydraulic system).

8. Safety:

8.1. Mechanical boom hold and hold of the semiframes to carry out maintenance works;

8.2. Hydraulic blocking of the tilt function when the cab door open;

8.3. Blocking of the application of the GEARBOX when the cab door open;

8.4. Blocking of the application of the GEARBOX when the parking brake on.

9. Complete set:

9.1. All indications and instructions on the machine components in Russian;

9.2. Autonomous fire-suppression system of the capacity of 30 l. Sealed buttons of application in the cab and next to the engine. Two fire extinguishers of the capacity of 5 l installed additionally in the front part of the machine next to cab and the hydraulic tank.

9.3. Filling pump of the hydraulic system and the transmission.

9.4. Pressure gauges of the braking system.

9.5. Set of the board instrument.

9.6. Full range service maintenance within the warranty period.


10. Additional equipment:


- Weighing system in the bucket;

- Cargo stabilization system in the bucket when the machine movement on the rough road;

- Manual selection of the movement direction from the machine turn joystick;

- Video control system with the image output onto the LC-display;

- 2 LC-displays with the data output from all machine systems;

- Functionality of the floating bucket;

- Engine start from the button;

- Automatic hoist of the bucket;

- Black box of the machine operating parameters;

- Telenet (possibility of the remote diagnostics via the phone line);

- Climate control;

- Remote control system.

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