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The automated control system of the technological process is performed on the basis of the modern micro processing technical means of the advanced control and protection efficiency level of the winders in the coal and mining ore industry.

Task control and checking motion with the winder control panel is intended for the automatic, semiautomatic and all type winder manual control, incl. multirope, one drum and two drum underground units.

Task control and checking motion with the winder control panel performs the functions as follows:

continuous speed control of the vehicles within the whole cycle, i.e. acceleration, full speed, deceleration, creep speed with the safety brake on when control parameters above the identified range;


- control of the emergency shut-down;

- rope sliding/ breakage control;

- rope extension compensation;

- vehicle transportation control out of the terminal positions and protections against the overwind (the overtravel) with the safety break on;

- protection against the reverse running;

- current position control of the vehicles in the shaft with the signal output in the set points of the travel;

- self-control of the speed limit device;

- hoist drive control;

- service and safety brake control;

- visualization of the actual values of the control parameters and the results of self-control

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